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If you forgot to book...

Forgot to book a course or exam?

For the entire duration of your programme, you have a finite number of 'late registration'-tokens, that are administered by the Education Office. You can use these tokens to request a 'late registration' for courses and exams.
  • A token can be used to register multiple courses or exams within the same period.
  • Tokens are only needed to book a course or exam, you do not need to use a token to cancel a booking
  • Use this form  to request a late registration. 
  •  Please note: The token will be processed with 3 working days (you will not receive a booking conformation about this).
    You can always check your booking status in the student portal by my courses https://www.askpsy.nl/course-booking-1-minute-and-42-seconds
  • Please check the course catalogue  first to make sure you don't forget any modules or practicals!

How it works
 'Late registration'
for a course...

You can request a late registration for a course (which includes the first exam) up to and including the week a course starts.

If you still have tokens available and if there is a place for you in the tutorial group, you will be registered for the course.

'Late registration'       
for an exam....

You can request a 'late registration' for an exam until the exam starts, even in the exam room.
(In the exam room, report to the Exams Coordinator or senior inivigilator.)

After the exam the Education Office will check if you still have tokens available.
If so, you will be registered for the exam post-facto.  If not, the exam will be declared invalid.


As of academic year 2017 - 2018 the number of tokens has been increased.
Number of 'late registration'-tokens per 1 september 2017

New students: 6 tokens for your entire programme

Cohort 2016-2017: 4 tokens for the remainder of your programme.
Cohort 2015-2016: 2 tokens for the remainder of your programme.

1-year Master

2 tokens for your entire programme
Research Master and
Forensic Master
4 tokens for your entire programme

Cohort 2016-2017: 2 tokens for the remainder of your programme.

This page provides a summary. See the  Course/Exam registration procedure regulations (all programmes)  for the entire procedure.


Please contact the Education Office if you have questions about course or exam registration.  Report any technical problems when trying to register immediatly.  If you report a problem after the booking window has expired, the token regulation will be applied.

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