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Information about your digital exam



Login URL: https://maastrichtuniversity.testvision.nl/online/kandidaten

Exam procedure
When starting the exam, you need to agree to the "Declaration and Statement of Authorship and Academic Integrity". Tip: read it here ( EN | NL) to save time.

Also, you will have to enter a phone number where we can reach you. We ask you to stay available via (mobile) phone for 90 minutes after the exam has ended. See the declaration for more information.

FPN does not use audio-visual monitoring of you and your environment, also known as ‘online proctoring’.

(Technical) preparations for your exam.
Familiarize yourself with Testvision by taking a demo exam. Check your internet connection: wired is better than wifi, a hotspot on your phone could be your backup.

See UL Digital Exams > prepare your exam for more information.

Taking the exam
At least 30 minutes beforehand, but often 24 hours in advance, you will see the actual exam in the Testvision overview. Until your final submit ('ready' > 'yes'), you can still change the given answers.

See UL Digital Exams > taking the exam for more information.

Questions and answers
- What happens if my network connection is disrupted?
- What happens if I refresh the browser during the exam?
- I do not see the course exam in my exams list, and the exam is about to start!
- What happens if my computer breaks down?

The answer to these and other questions can be found here:
UL Digital Exams > covid FAQ
UL Digital Exams > FAQ

Contact and emergency phone number
Issues during the exam:
    09:00 - 17:00 hrs: call University Library +31 43 3882900
    after 17:00 hrs, until 30 minutes after exam: call
FPN Exams team +31 43 - 38 84 013.

See UL Digital Exams > Support for regular contact information.

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