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Welcome to AskPsychology

Welcome to AskPsy

AskPsy is the website for FPN students, and offers mainly practical information about the way things are organised. Browse around to see if you can answer your questions yourself. Can't find the answer? Contact us!  Please describe what you did to find the answer yourself. Always include any course codes and course names. Screenshots help to illustrate your question.

Recent questions:

- When do I see the final timetable of a period?
About two weeks before the start of a period, the timetable gets published.  All faculties publish on the same dates, you can find them in the Academic Calendar (green squares).

- When do I see my exams in the timetable?
About a week in advance. Adding them to the timetable is (unfortunately) a manual task.

- Are there recordings of the lectures in my course?
It depends. Lectures in the bachelor programme should be recorded. See this page.

- I get an error when I try to view canvas course ('course details' on the student portal)?
If you are booked for the course, it might be that the course is not yet available (published). The course instructor should publish the course on the date of the publication of the timetable. If he/she forgets this, the Education Office publishes them a week later.

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