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Meet the FPN academic advisers

The academic advisers of the Faculty of Psychology and Neurosciences (FPN) are:

  Angélique Weitmann         Femke Buiter             Olga Penninger         Gerda Galenkamp              Jos Lievense
         bachelor students                 master students               bachelor students               bachelor students                master students

With what kind of question or problems can you turn to the academic advisers?

Academic advisers (also called 'study advisers') are - next to your mentor - the first ones to approach for information and advice about your studies. They can help you answer questions concerning, among others: study skills, lagging study results, personal circumstances, psychological or physical problems, motivation problems, study choices, (exam) facilities, combining two studies or combining studies with top sports.

But also if you have other questions about your studies, for example about the honours programme, extra electives or maybe a second study, the academic advisers are able to help you look at your options and what course would be most advisable.

Simple questions can often be answered by searching www.askpsy.nl or the UM website or by checking with your tutor, mentor or supervisor. So check these sources first.

Questions? Visit AskPsy first

A lot of information can be found on AskPsy:

Preparing for a new academic year  |  Binding Study Advice in the bachelor 
Graduation and de-registration  |  Starting an MA programme < 180 BA credits
BA: Compensation of grades  |  BA: extra thesis submission option
BA: Extra exam opportunity for a last remaining course
The Academic Advisers FAQ [behind login]
BSA-meeting/mental wellbeing 29 jan. 2024

In case special circumstances are interfering with your studies, for example illness or family circumstances, it is of great importance to contact an academic adviser as soon as possible. They can help to set up a customized study plan but they can also see if individual arrangements can be made.

Special provisions

The UM offers special provisions for students with a functional disability. A functional disability is a physical, psychological or sensory impairment, chronic illness or another condition, such as dyslexia, ADHD, autism or Crohn's disease. For the arrangement of the necessary provisions/adjustments, it is important to notify the academic advisers of your circumstances as soon as possible.
All applications for provisions concerning students with a functional disability are made via the Disability Support Office.

Whom can you be referred to?

Within the faculty, you can for example be referred to:
- The Board of Examiners or colleagues responsible for booking and planning. You can contact them via AskPsy.
- Teachers, course or internship coordinators etc. You can contact them via their UM mail account.
Outside the faculty you can be referred to other student support officers within the UM:

Outside the university, you may be referred to, for instance, your general practitioner (GP).

How do the academic advisers work?

You can contact one of the academic advisers on your own initiative (after being referred to the academic advisers by a teacher, mentor, course or internship coordinator, the Board of Examiners, etc.). To many questions the academic advisers can provide an answer straight away. You can therefore send short questions best by e-mail.
Other questions and/or problems take more time and are more suitable for a planned meeting. The academic adviser will talk to you about your situation, look at different options and will help you look for an appropriate route, which can be a direct advice, short or long-term guidance, or a referral.
Academic advisers may also take the initiative to invite you for a meeting if your results during the academic year are far below the programme requirements or prone to lead to a Negative Binding Study Advice.


Scheduling an appointment

Appointments consist of half-hour consultations. When necessary, a follow-up appointment can be scheduled. Please note that in case you are unable to attend, you are expected to cancel or change the appointment in time via email.

Depending on your wishes and the availability of the academic advisers, you can schedule either an online appointment (via Zoom) or a meeting at the university. The academic advisers have two consulting rooms: one is situated near the Education Service Desk, Universiteitssingel 40, 1st floor, room 1.754. The other is situated at the Universiteitssingel 40, 5th floor, room 5.760. You will be informed by the academic adviser where the meeting will take place.

You can book an appointment with one of the academic advisers: Book an appointment >>

It would be helpful if you could provide some dates in advance when you are available to meet with one of the academic advisers.


Conversations and correspondence with the academic advisers are confidential. This means that the content of your contact with an academic adviser will not be discussed with others, unless you give your explicit consent. The requirement for consent can only be broken in exceptional cases, in which the academic adviser deems it necessary in the student's interest. However, even in these cases the confidentiality will be broken in the least possible way.
Contacts with an academic adviser will be digitally registered. Only the FPN academic advisers have access to this information. The academic advisers work in a team, so the duty of confidentiality applies to all members.

Contact information

If you have any questions, you can send and email to the academic advisers via:

Bachelor students: fpn-academicadv-ba@maastrichtuniversity.nl
Master students: fpn-academicadv-ma@maastrichtuniversity.nl (also for students with questions on Master studies)

Please send the email from your @student.maastrichtuniversity.nl account and do not forget to mention your student number.
If you have previously been in contact with one of the academic advisers, please mention this in your email.
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