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Exams with Alternative Arrangements

If you have difficulty taking exams because of a disability you may be granted an alternative arrangement for your exams, such as extra time and/or a smaller exam room. Possible grounds for alternative arrangements can be dyslexia, a visual handicap or a concentration disorder. Alternative exam arrangements may also be granted for temporary disabilities, for example due to an injury or acute illness. All exam locations are accessible by wheelchair.

How to apply

To qualify for alternative arrangements, you need to apply to the Disability Support Office at SSC. They will evaluate your situation and determine what facilities you need, and issue an advice called 'Advies Toewijzing Voorzieningen' (ATV)/ 'Advice Allotment Facilities' (AAF) that the faculty will use to make further arrangements.

Their report will be sent to our Academic Advisers, and the Board of Examiners. The Board of Examiners will issue a formal statement of the arrangement and which exams it applies to. Once the arrangement is granted you will receive an e-mail with regards to the practical details. The following information about the location and absence applies to you once the alternative arrangements are granted and you should be aware of this. 


Exam location

The exams will take place at the faculty, Uns40. In your timetable the exam will initially be shown as the regular exam. About 1-2 week(s) before the exam date this will be updated with the correct times, and list the location as ‘to be announced’ or 'A1.731 PCRoom III Universiteitssingel 40'. 

You need to be present at the Service Desk of the Education Office or go directly to room A1.731, Uns40 level 1, 20 minutes before the exam starts. There is no need to report at the desk, an invigilator or the exam coordinator will pick you up 15 minutes before the start of the exam and check if everybody is in the correct room.  
The exam starts at the same time as the exams in the MECC. Please make sure that you are on time, no students will be admitted to the exam room once the exam has started.

When the exam starts please check if the time at the bottom of the page also lists the amount of time you are entitled to. If this is not correct (i.e. 120 minutes instead of 150 minutes) please contact the invigilator or exam coordinator as soon as possible!

Please note that you can find an overview of all exam dates and times – including resits – in the exam schedule on Ask Psychology.


  • The exams with alternative arrangements are organized at the faculty, UNS40. Always consult your timetable prior to an exam to be correctly informed about your exam location.

  • Changes in the timetable with regard to exam location are made manually by staff members. Therefore, when you register for an exam, it can take some time before your exam location in the timetables is updated (i.e. changed to: 'to be announced’ or 'A1.731 PCRoom III Universiteitssingel 40').

Absent? Notify & cancel

Notify us & cancel the exam

Arranging the alternative exams takes considerable time and organization. If you will NOT be taking a specific exam – regardless of the reason, please notify us of your absence as early as possible. Please note that if you are absent without sending prior notice, you might forfeit your right to the alternative exam arrangement.
Whenever possible, cancel the exam during the exam registration period. That's the short registration period, about three weeks before the exam. See Absent at exam >> for more information. If you do so, your registration for the exam will be cancelled, and no further action is necessary.
After this date cancelling the exam is not possible, but you should notify us by sending an email to the Exam Coordinators (fpn-examcoordinator@maastrichtuniversity.nl) or via the AskPsy contact form. In that case your registration for the exam in the Student Portal will not be cancelled, you will see an NG (no grade) as a result for the exam.

Send a message via AskPsy >>

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