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Applying for a master

You can register for a master's degree within FPN, within UM or outside UM.

From FPN bachelor to FPN master

With a UM bachelor's diploma Psychology, you are automatically admissible to the master in Psychology at FPN.

To start the master on 1 September you must have obtained your bachelor's degree no later than 31 August. Please note that although you can graduate retrospectively, retrospective admission is not possible.
You must provide proof of graduation before 1 September in order to start your master. For more information about the admission requirements and deadlines check the UM website.

If you intend to take the master in Psychology and expect to graduate before 1 September you need to complete your application before the latest application date (1 June). Early October, the admission procedure and requirements for the master's programmes can be found on the UM webpages.

You can choose one of these six specialisations:

Please note: Different application deadlines apply for the selective FPN masters (research masters in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience, master Forensic Psychology and the master International Joint Master of Research in Work and Organizational Psychology).

Research Masters in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience:
Cognitive Neuroscience

Drug Development and Neurohealth
Fundamental Neuroscience
Clinical Psychology

Master Forensic Psychology

Master International Joint Master of Research in Work and Organizational Psychology

From FPN bachelor to UM master (but not FPN)

Please check the webpage of the relevant UM master's programme.


From FPN bachelor to non-UM master

If you would like to apply for a master's programme at another university than the UM, you might need these documents for your application. Some master's programmes may require additional details regarding the clinical, developmental or personality psychology aspects of your bachelor's programme.  For this purpose feel free to use this letter, titled "Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology or Personality Psychology in the UM Bachelor in Psychology".

From non-UM bachelor to FPN master

Please check the UM webpage of the releveant UM master programme for the application deadlines and requirements.

From non-FPN bachelor to master Mental Health

Check the UM webpages for the master Mental Health admission requirements. Please note: Dutch is the language of instruction for these courses.

Adult Psychopathology
Child and Adolescence Psychopathology


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