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Documents and forms

First and Final version of the thesis

For a submission to be accepted by the Education Office:

● The supervisor’s name should be deleted from the first page of the thesis (Not For MaRBLe).
● Be on time as specified by the deadline. Better be early as one minute too late will result in a fail.
● The first and the final version needs to be submitted via DorsWebApp, select Upload Document. Select the correct document-type. A confirmation message will be visible after successful submission of your document. 
● The maximum size of  the documents is 5 MB.   
● The document names of both the first version (in MS-Word format) and the final version (in PDF format) must have the format as specified below.

File naming

Any version of your thesis should follow  the following naming convention:

Example 1: Koning_611283_BT_Anxiety_NPPP
Example 2: Vries_602199_BT_WorkStress_WSP   
File naming: LastName_Idnumber_BT_TopicKeyword_DepartmentOfSupervisor
LastnameYour last name without extras such as van, der, de.
Student numberStudent number without an i
  • Use a clear but short topic keyword

Of Supervisor

  • Abbreviation of the department. Use 'ext' when the supervisor does not work at FPN.



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