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Supervision and Assessment

Finding a supervisor

  • Use the bachelor thesis matching system
  • Tip: astonish your potential supervisor by having ready a topic and motivate your choice with a fitting research question, and, if you apply by email, by being able to apply the hints given in the handbook writing skills.
  • Some staff members accept one or more students to write the bachelor thesis about an empirical research, and even if it does not pertain to a Marble project.
  • If you cannot find a supervisor for your topic, you may want to opt for another topic.  Or use the matching system to find  a staff member who is open to topic suggestions by students.

Writing your  thesis at another faculty, in the Netherlands or abroad

Students who write the thesis at another faculty either have a FPN supervisor or an external supervisor. First note that the second assessor is always from FPN. Students with an FPN supervision can scroll up in this document as the procedure for finding a supervisor remain the same. A student who plans to write the thesis under external supervision As an external supervisor is not mentioned in the matching system, the student must make contact. When supervision is a sure thing, please contact the coordinator bachelor thesis, Robert van Doorn, for registration. The second assessor is an FPN staff member.

Note that the same schedule and deadlines still apply for both student and external supervisor. The student is responsible for informing the external supervisor on the time schedule and the strict deadlines. Therefore, provide an external supervisor with the fact sheet for external bachelor thesis supervisors.

For supervisors abroad it is also essential that they understand our grading metrics (a grade from 1 to 10).


The bachelor’s thesis is graded by averaging the grades given by the supervisor and the second anonymous assessor. Both grades, based on all aspects, must be at least 6.0 and the
difference between the grades of the supervisor and the second assessor may not be more than 2.0 points.

The supervisor’s grade is based on the quality of both versions of your thesis. Supervisor and student have no role in selecting this anonymous second assessor, nor are they to correspond with this person. Both assessors fill in an electronic assessment form with concise feedback on your final version. The average grade is final.

No later than 26 May 2020 the final grade is published and concise feedback from both assessors is available for students. 
Note: this date also applies to theses that were submitted earlier than the deadline of 17 April 2020 13:00hrs. 

Assessment criteria

See: Thesis (BA) > Supervision and Assessment > Assessment Thesis
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