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Timeline and deadlines

    A thesis is either based on the literature review/study or reports the empirical study that you carried out. The entire process of writing a bachelor thesis from topic selection to receiving a final grade covers a major part of the third academic year.

    Important deadlines

    Dates & deadlines Thesis  Bachelor 2019-2020
    15 November 2019 23:59 hrs
    Deadline to have arranged your supervisor. (Meaning that your supervisor has accepted your request for supervision.)
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    7 February 2020 23:59hrs
    Deadline to submit the first version of your thesis. Submission is possible between 4 and 7 February 2020 (not earlier). Only MaRBLe students can submit earlier.  
    10 March 2020Supervisor provides feedback 
    17 April 2020Submit final version of the thesis between 16 March 2020 and 17 April 2020.
    20 May 2020 (or earlier)Supervisor hands in grade
    26 May 2020 (or earlier)

    15 July 2020
    Publication of final grade

    Submit Resit if one or both grades are below 6 
    12 August 2020 (or earlier)
    Supervisor hands in grade resit
    14 August 2020 (or earlier)
    Publication of final grade for resit 
    31 August 2020

    Having passed all elements of the bachelor programme on this date. * This includes the thesis, which you should have submitted on 17 April 2020.

    December 2020
    Extra submission option for students with study delay.
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    Below are important subsequent phases, helping you to meet the deadlines mentioned above. Students who feel uncomfortable with deadlines are advised to be earlier than a deadline specifies, as such a date/time is the final possibility to submit but does not preclude from submitting earlier. The official deadline for publication of grades also applies to students who submit earlier. Marble students may want to consult the coordinator Marble on certain deadlines.

    September to November:
    ● Consult the handbook writing skills  which provides a no-nonsense guide to clear (scientific) writing. Keep the handbook handy throughout the process of thesis planning and writing.
    ● Think and (re-)read about the topic of your interest. Become an expert so that you have enough knowledge to formulate a fitting research question, and you know which topics are needed to answer this question.
    ●  Use the Bachelor Thesis Matching System to contact and agree with a supervisor.

    November and December
    Note: students often underestimate the required work in this period.

    ● Create a thorough overview of your main topic and refine the scientific problem and research question. You should become an expert on that topic so as to write clearly about it. This is the time to create detail in your personal summaries and/or mind maps. Realize that this knowledge must still be restructured to formulate a problem and to introduce a specific research question, and to create a clear and enticing storyline (see handbook writing skills). Assessors hate it when (also) a bachelor thesis has no storyline and does not specify a research question. Mind that the quality of both thesis versions will determine your final grade.

    ● Start writing parts of the first version. The earlier you start the actual writing of your thesis the better, as you need time to revise a number of times until your first version has sufficient quality. Having it read by a fellow student also helps. Be critical of your own work and do not hesitate to kill your darlings (William Faulkner): These are parts of your text that you are very fond of, but that you sadly have to delete as they actually make your thesis less convincing and less readable.

    Finalize the first version of your thesis. Be thorough about it as your final grade will reflect the quality of the two versions of your thesis as specified by the Faculty regulations (OER). The criteria for a written thesis are found in handbook writing skills. These criteria pertain to writing style and thesis structure, and to the content of both versions.

    ● For regular bachelor thesis students: Submission of your first version is only possible between 4 and 7 February, and no later than 7 February (11.59h., but earlier is better).
    ● For MaRBLe students: No later than 7 February (11.59h., but earlier is better) you submit your first version. MaRBLe students can submit their first version before 4 February
    ● Missing the deadline for the first version implies you are not allowed to 1) hand in a final version and 2) to finish your bachelor thesis in the current academic year. 
    ● For a literature review, your first version must be complete including all required components (and research question) as specified by the handbook writing skills. Incomplete first versions are rejected and such a student must start a new literature review the next academic year.
    ● For an empirical or marble bachelor thesis, you are required to hand in a complete first version of the Introduction and the Methods section (not the Results and Discussion).
    ● Your submission may be checked on plagiary.
    ● Please, read the requirements for the submission procedure for a submission to be accepted by the Education Office,  see: Thesis > Documents and Forms and Thesis > File Naming.

    No later than March 10nd your supervisor provides feedback on your first version. You have about a month to revise the first version both on the basis of this feedback, and your own progressive insights on topics, writing style and physical form of your thesis.  


    No later than April 17th (11.59h) you submit the final version.  Submission of your final version is only possible between 16 March, and no later than 17 April (11.59h., but earlier is better).  Missing the deadline for the final version implies you are not allowed to finish your bachelor thesis in the current academic year. See also: Thesis >  Documents and Forms and Thesis > File Naming for submission guidelines.

    No later than May 26th the education office provides the average grade of your supervisor and a second (and anonymous) assessor including concise feedback, see also: Thesis > Supervision and Assessment > Assessment Thesis. 

    If one or both grades of your final version are below 6.0 you must resit the bachelor thesis. No later than July 15th (11.59h, but earlier is better) you submit the resit version. 

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