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Thesis for bachelor students


The bachelor thesis concludes the Bachelor phase. The thesis is either an article in which you report on a literature research or the thesis reports on a study that you carried out yourself (empirical thesis), under supervision of a staff member. As preparation for the bachelor thesis you can read the Handbook Writing Skills, the APA Cookbook and the information pages on AskPsy. 


Entry requirement: 90 ECTS on 1 September.

 Starting academic year 2022-2023,  you may only write your thesis in an academic year if you have at least 90 ECTS at the start of that academic year (always September 1st).   Source: Exam and Education Regulation.

We observed that writing a thesis, while also taking part in new courses and having to work on deficiencies (failed courses), leads to unrealistic workloads. This new rule will hopefully prevent this. Contact us if you have questions about this requirement.


Suggested readings

Handbook Writing Skills v001 of 27 Aug. 2019

For APA guidelines we suggest to follow APA 7 (Cookbook) instead of APA 6 (Handbook Writing Skills). The handbook writing skills will be updated to APA 7. 
The manuals show APA differences, for example for line spacing, use of horizontal indent, and keyterms.

You can follow the cookbook APA 7 guidelines, except for:
-use of keyterms. It is suggested to use keyterms in the abstract,
-the supervisor's name and academic title. For the bachelor thesis it is not allowed to provide the supervisor's name and academic title, because of the anonymous second assessor. MaRBLe students provide the supervisor's name and academic title on the title page.

APA cookbook v001 of 12 Dec. 2020

Dates and deadlines

See Thesis > Dates & Deadlines



See 'FAQ and Contact'.
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