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Behaviour lab

Lab description
The Behaviour lab has the setup, hardware and software to accommodate various types of research, including observation, response-time research, individual tests (with test leader and test participants in separate rooms), to the simulation of group situations.

The Behaviour lab is located on the second floor of the east wing of UNS40. The lab houses eight test participant rooms, two test leader rooms, a central test leader room, and a central waiting room.
Each test participant room is connected to the central test leader room. The test leader can observe, and communicate with, the test participants via the audio and video system.
Two test leader rooms are connected to two test participant rooms, fitted with the same communication facilities as the central observation room. These rooms can be screened off for operation from the central test leader room, so various studies can run simultaneously.
Four test participant rooms are equipped as single-subject rooms.

  • Audio: Two Soundwebs (digital audio processors) to realize and program the intercom functions
  • Video: Two 21-inch monitors with video signals using two Philips Quads, allowing the observation of all test participant rooms simultaneously
  • Lights: Dimmable strip lighting
  • PC: Dell PCs with 17-inch CRT monitors
  • Measurement equipment: Option of connecting devices to measure physiological signals in the test participant–test leader setups
  • Stimulus software: E-Prime, Presentation, Psytree
  • Stimulus hardware: Psytree switchboards
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