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Binding Study Advice (BSA) in the bachelor

At the end of the first year of enrolment  in the Bachelor all students receive a Study Advice whether to continue the study or not.

If your study results do not satisfy the requirements for continuing your study at this faculty, the study advice will be negative. A negative study advice is always binding, the so-called Binding Study Advice (BSA), and means that you will not be allowed to register for the Bachelor in Psychology programme at Maastricht University for the next four years.

Criteria for a positive study advice

Students who started the bachelor in 2018-2019 must obtain at least 42 of the 60 ECTS and must have passed at least one of the two modules PSY1022/IPN1022 Methoden en Technieken/Methods & Techniques and PSY1024/IPN1024 Statistiek voor Psychologen I/Statistics for Psychologists I in their first year. If you don’t fulfill these criteria you will receive a BSA.

BSA Procedure

In January and May the Board of Examiners will send all first year students an update on their study progress and will inform students who are not on schedule and who might be eligible for a BSA. The procedure is described in the Onderwijs en Examenegeling (OER: in Dutch) and in the Education and Examination Regulations (EER: in English).Note: If you started the bachelor before 2017-2018 please consult the OER or EER of the year in which you started the bachelor to see which criteria apply to you, because the criteria can differ per cohort of the Bachelor.

E-mail dates 2018-2019:  30 Jan. 2019 & around 28 May 2019


BSA leaflet 2017-2018 v 001 of 31-01-2018

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