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Continuing your current study

Follow the steps below if you plan to continue your current study programme in 2024-2025:

Also, please do the following...
...if you are unsure whether you will graduate by 31 August 2024, or
...if you are waiting the outcome of an appeal for Binding Study Advice, or
...if you anticipate submitting your Master's thesis after 31 August 2024.
    FPN bachelor students who start their FPN master programme : see Starting a new study.

    If you intend to continue your current study programme in the upcoming academic year, you will need to submit a re-enrollment request via Studielink. 
    Please make sure you re-enroll and pay your tuition fee on time, so you can continue your studies.

    Step 1: Re-enroll from 1 May 2024
    1. Go to Studielink and login.
    2. Go to the programme you want to re-enroll for. Re-register by 21 July 2024, as the deadline for booking your courses is 21 July, 23:59 hrs (see Step 2).

    3. Select the <Re-enrolment> button.
    4. Select “Yes, I want to re-enrol”.
    5. Confirm your choice.

    You can follow the progress via Studielink. On your dashboard in Studielink, you can track the status of your application via <Messages> and <Study programmes>. Your To do action will show as ‘Finished’.


    Step 2: Register your courses from 1 June 2024
    Deadline: 21 July 2024 23:59h CET

    As from 1 June 2024, all 2024-2025 courses are available for registration.
    If you are unsure which courses you need to register yourself, check the information on booking courses and exams >>
    Keep in mind: the deadline for period 1 is 21 July 2024 23:59h CET.

    Did you miss the deadline? Check AskPsy.nl/forgot-to-book in order to request a late registration for a course.

    Are you in doubt which courses you need to book? See: Book your courses > what to book.
    Are you a third-year Bachelor student next year (also those who take electives at another faculty or abroad!)?  Please do not forget to book your courses!
    For period 1, you need to book:
    - "Skills V" (IPN3131 / PSY3131 )
    - "Portfolio" (IPN3159 / PSY3159)
    - "Quick Career Advice" (IPN3160 / PSY3160).

    You do not need to book your elective courses at FPN (year 3). See also: Book your courses > what to book.


    Step 3: Select your payment arrangement
    Before 15 August 2024

    As soon as the UM has processed your re-enrolment, you can select a payment plan in Studielink. Please arrange your payment before 15 August 2024. More information >>


    Step 4: Check your timetable    
    Available on 17 August 2024

    To be scheduled, your re-enrolment has to be completed in time, including the payment arrangement.

    The timetable for period 1 will be available on 17 August 2024.
    Please contact us if you do not see your courses by this date.



    •  Are you graduating  in the near future? Be sure to file a deregistration request in Studielink as soon as you have submitted your last piece of academic work. Don’t wait until you receive your results. 
    • Combining study and work? Have a look at the provisional schedule, available around 17 August 2024. The provisional schedule can help you to predict if there will be educational activities on a given date. Work is not a valid reason to switch tutorial groups.

    If things don't go as expected...

    Questions about re-enrolment, payment or Studielink? Please contact:
    Student Services Centre
    Website: http://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/ssc
    E-mail: study@maastrichtuniversity.nl
    Phone: +31 43 38 85 388

    Questions about course registration or timetable?

    FPN Service Desk
    Website: http://www.askpsy.nl
    E-mail: http://www.askpsy.nl/contact
    Phone: 043 - 38 84020

    Study delay, disability support and personal problems?

    FPN Academic Advisers 
    Website: www.askpsy.nl/academic-advisers
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