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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Education in academic year 2022-2023

Last updated: 2 September 2022

The  UM email of 29 June 2022 (EN | Dutch) addressed the UM policy for education in  2022-2023: on campus as much as possible.  It also notes that the regular attendance requirements apply. You can find more information about the FPN attendance requirements here on AskPsy.nl.

For FPN , this results in the following overview:

• The FPN Introduction Days, in the week of 29 August 2022, are on campus.

• Tutorial group meetings for the regular courses, also called PBL sessions, are on campus. If you are unable to join on campus, you can join the session online (hybrid), but note that this online participation will not count as 'having attended the session' for the attendance requirement.

• Practicals, skills-meetings, workshops, and mentor meetings are held on campus by default.

• Lectures are on campus by default. In some cases, a lecture might be pre-recorded or live streamed.

• Exams are on campus by default.

• Internships starting on or after 1 September 2022 do not have a special Covid policy anymore. The general UM 'Studying Aboad' policy applies.

In some cases, FPN can decide to schedule education elements online, where it seems appropriate content wise. The coordinator and the timetable provide you up to date information about the formats that will be used in a course. As with all exceptional circumstances that impact you, contact the academic advisers if you need support.

We ask you to follow the advice to limit the spread of the Corona virus, such as quarantine or self testing. For more information, visit "Study safely during the corona crisis".

Questions or other issues?
Contact the Service Desk if things are unclear. We are here to help you.





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