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Frequently Asked Questions

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General questions
Questions about FPN electives
Questions about UM electives and minors
Questions about the Internship "Professional in Psychology" PSY3379
Questions about the Clinical Psychology Package

General questions

I still need to pass courses from the first or second year
Past experience has shown that combining the elective program with 1st and/or 2nd year Bachelor courses is largely impossible, because schedules overlap and the study load is beyond what most students can handle. Students are therefore strongly advised to minimize participation in elective courses running parallel to 1st and/or 2nd year bachelor courses they have to take.



General Coordination


Coordinator bachelor Electives

Mail: fpn-BAelective-minor maastrichtuniversity.nl





Where to go with questions:

Questions about a specific elective, such as the content or level of the elective:


Coordinator of the elective. His/her name can often be found in the course description or in the UM course finder.

Questions about the approval of electives and minors:


FPN Board of Examiners via AskPsy.nl/contact

Questions about electives abroad:


FPN International Relations Office
(requires login)

Questions about the internship "The Professional in Psychology” (PSY3379):


Dr A. Walkowiak, coordinator of the elective.

Questions about the Clinical Psychology Package:


Andrea Smitten, coordinator of the elective.

Questions about the Psychological Citizenship Project:


Anke Sambeth

Questions about grades/results:


Exam administration of the Education Office






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