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Electives or minor at an other Dutch university

In short

Seen an interesting course  or minor at an other Dutch University? That's also possible. It might require some paperwork. Request permission at least six week beforehand.

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Some students are so invested in a topic that they find a perfect fitting minor or elective at an other university.  FPN will approve (and finance) these courses if they meet the following (general) requirements:

  • The elective should be at the level of second year bachelor or higher
  • Content should not overlap or only minimally with mandatory courses of the FPN bachelor program
  • Content should be related to the objectives of the FPN bachelor program


Application steps

Send a request for approval to the FPN Board of Examiners least 6 weeks before the course starts. You will receive a response from the FPN Board of Examiners within 4 weeks after the request.

Mention that you request approval to take elective(s) at another university in the Netherlands, and provide the following information:
  • Host university (Name and City)
  • Course code and title
  • Course description (in English or Dutch, or a link to an English description on the web)
  • Course level
  • Number of ECTS
  • Start and end dates of the course

TImeline and deadlines

Request permission at least six week in advance. See 'application steps' for more information.

Attendance obligation and Assessment

Both are determined by the host university. You are responsible for passing on the study results to the Examination Administration Office at FPN.


FAQ and Contact

See 'FAQ and Contact' page

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