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Psychological Citizenship Project (PSY3390)

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This FPN elective will invite you to become more psychologically literate, to be able to apply psychological science to complex professional and societal problems. In doing so, students will gather relevant insights from one or more applied psychological disciplines such as work and organizational psychology, educational psychology, health and clinical psychology, legal psychology, applied cognitive neuroscience.

Students will work in small teams together with stakeholders outside academia (e.g., businesses, NGOs) on authentic, locally meaningful problems. You will be matched with a stakeholder at the start of the project. Individually, you will be challenged to grow a (social) entrepreneurial mindset by imagining how you could creatively put your psychological competences to use in your field of interest after graduation.

Application steps

• Submit your choice(s) via the FPN electives application form

Select this elective option "Psychological Citizenship Project (PSY3390)" as your first choice on the FPN electives application form.

As this internship will be for 12 ECTS, you have to complete additional elective courses for 12 ECTS in total. When you want to do these additional electives at FPN, indicate the total number of courses you need including PSY3390. Select PSY3390 as your first preference, followed by the other electives you prefer.     

Assessment by a group product, individual and group presentation and an individually written report.



Can I do the project in combination with Marble (or with an internship)?
Yes, you can. This would mean that you cannot take any content courses though.

Can I choose my own topic?
Yes/no. FPN recruits external stakeholders to be involved in the project. So you cannot find an external party yourselves. However, if you choose to take this course, you can provide your preferred topics from the list available. We will try to enroll people as much as possible based on their preferences.

Are there any specific days on which I have to be present for this course? (I am also taking an internship)
The group sessions are commonly scheduled on Thursdays for this course. However, this is based on the preliminary schedules and we cannot give any guarantees.

Apart from the project itself, is there anything else we do during this course?
Yes, you will also take part in some activities to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit (or you learn that this is nothing for you in the future). Additionally, we ask you to prepare a presentation together with 2 team members about an applied topic in psychology. We make sure that each team presents about a different topic, so that all students learn about a diverse set of applied psychological topics.

How large is the team I will work with?
We try to make groups of 4-7 students for each topic


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