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Exam locations


As a rule the exams take place at MECC Maastricht, but other locations are used if MECC is not available (e.g. Club Pellikaan). All UM exam locations are carefully selected for accessibility, climate control and sound proofing, and all locations have toilet facilities and are accessible for wheelchairs.

The exam hall is divided into blocks, which are assigned to the different faculties. Each faculty has a designated color, all FPN information is posted in orange. example of floor plan exam hallAt FPN students are arranged alphabetically by last name. There are often multiple exams at the same time, so check your course code to make sure that you go to the right block for your exam. To help you find the correct block faster the floor plans are posted on large posterboards in the waiting area and at the entrance of the exams hall. If you have any trouble finding your place please ask one of the invigilators.

Please see these pdf's for a detailed overview of the facilities at each exam location:

Information on UM exam locations (English), v002 of 01-08-2018
Informatie toetsruimtes UM (Nederlands), v002 of 01-08-2018



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