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Eye labs (UNS40) and Psychophysics lab (OX55)

In the Eye labs, research is carried out into eye movements, attention and pupil size.

A measurement instrument in the Eye labs records changes in eye movements and measures how long test participants focus on things. The equipment then displays ‘areas of interest’ as stimuli, and calculates how long the participant looks at each area.

Eye movements and overt attention
According to most theories, eye movements can indicate overt attention (i.e. the shift in attention involving eye movement) in contrast to covert attention (attention shift without eye movement). This makes the Eye labs useful instruments for research into, for example, eating disorders: researchers can find out which body parts test participants focus on, and for how long. This allows them to investigate the relationship between overt attention for attractive and unattractive body parts, and participants’ satisfaction levels with their bodies.
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