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Assessment criteria internship


The practical part of the master internship is assessed on several criteria. Assessors shall not mark all criteria (not all criteria might be applicable,) and might indicate those criteria that are noticeable to provide the student with helpful information. Note that the outcome is not simply the sum of the stars.

• Practical Skills Accuracy/precision: the student was very accurate/precise setting up the experiment, testing the participants and collecting the research data.
• Planning (realisation time schedule): the experiment/study is performed within the prescribed period, corrected for documented delays.
• Organisational skills: the student demonstrated adequate organisational skills during the set-up and execution of the experiment/study.
• Data analysis: the student showed understanding of the statistical analyses and performed them adequately and independently.
• Level of independence: the student worked very independently during each phase of the internship.
• Taking initiative: the student took and showed initiative during the internship.
• Communication: the student communicated effectively with the supervisor and participants.
• Processing of feedback: the student addressed the given feedback adequately.
• Attitude Commitment: the student was willing to give time and energy to the internship and showed involvement.
• Dedication: the student showed up on time and kept promises/appointments that were made.
• Collaboration: the student was able and willing to work together with others.
• Collegiality: the student showed a responsibility in sharing the workload.

Overall Impression and Comments
(Open field)

Rated as:   = poor,  ☆☆ = unsatisfactory, ☆☆☆ = marginal fail;
☆☆☆☆ = sufficient, ☆☆☆☆☆ = good, ☆☆☆☆☆☆ = very good,
NA = not applicable.

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