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Supervision and Assessment

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 - Supervision during the research internship
Who assesses what?

Supervision during the research internship

For an internal research internship,

you need a First supervisor and a Second supervisor.

All Masters FPN (except IJMWROP)


A research internship at the UM (internal internship) needs two supervisors with a PhD. However, there is an exception for PhD-students and for UM lecturers without a PhD.

When they completed the UTQ workshop ‘Supervision and assessment of research and writing assignments’, they can be second supervisor. When in addition, the PhD student or the UM lecturer without PhD already supervised two research internships as a second supervisor, they can also act as first supervisor.

  • The student has to take care of finding these supervisors.
  • The internship coordinator is the person responsible for ensuring the supervisors meet the requirements.


For an external research internship, you need
an External Supervisor and a Internal Supervisor
or two Internal Supervisors.

All Masters FPN (except IJMWROP)

In case of a research internship outside UM (external internship) the external supervisor needs to have a PhD or needs to have a track record showing experience in conducting research and writing scientific papers. When this is not the case, two internal supervisors will have to serve as supervisors. The external supervisor still acts as assessor of the practical part (the ‘research
internship’) and informs the internal assessor about the student’s performance and grade. In this case, the internal supervisor will also take care of the administration and keeps a copy of this appraisal for two years after the conclusion of the research internship. The requirements for the other/second assessor are equal to those of an internal research internship. 
  • The student has to take care of finding these supervisors.
  • The internship coordinator is the person responsible for ensuring the supervisors meet the requirements.

The first supervisor is the person whom you can turn to for advice and help on most aspects of your internship. Usually, the first supervisor will help you with the selection of the second (faculty) supervisor, but in exceptional cases you may have to turn to the internship coordinator for assistance.

For the external internship, you will also need an additional UM supervisor. It is the role of the UM supervisor to maintain contact with the student while he/she is at the external institution. The UM supervisor will also communicate with the external supervisor on a regular basis to ensure that the external internship runs smoothly.

The external internship is any research internship outside the FPN/UM. For example, internships in other universities in the Netherlands or abroad, hospitals, and assessment centres are all classified as external research internship

If the external supervisor is qualified (completed PhD or have a track record), he/she may be the first assessor of your research proposal and your Master’s thesis. If the external supervisor is not qualified at that level, the faculty supervisor will act as the first assessor and an additional second assessor will be needed. You will be responsible for finding the second assessor yourself. However, the faculty supervisor and the internship coordinator can assist you in this. The external supervisor remains responsible for the assessment of the practical execution of the internship.

Who assesses what?

Element  ECTS      Evaluated bysMethoddComment


1YMA: 5 *) **)
RM: 1
FM: 2

Primary supervisor and secondary assessor   

MMH: good/pass/fail

1 ects if combined research + clinical internship [RM PP]
1,5 ects for MMH

Practical part
of the research

1YMA: 25 *)
RM: 35
FM: 28

First supervisor

10-point scale, half point increments
Relevant for gpa, for 10 ects.
19 ects if combined research + clinical internship [RM PP]
1YMA: 10
RM: 14
FM: 10
First and second assessor10-point scale, half point incrementsDifference between the grades of both assessors may not be more than 2 point.

*) Includes PSY4075 Academic Skills
**) For WOP and NP combined research/clinical internships, the division of EC’s is slightly different. See 'Clinical Internship - Combining the research and clinical internship'.

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