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Repeat Education: reattend the tutorial group meetings

Failed an exam in a previous years? Reattend the tutorial group meetings.

To pass a course, you need to have fulfilled the attendance obligation and you need a positive result for the assessment (exam, paper, etc).   If you - for whatever reason - failed for the assessment in the same year (or did not take the assessment), you can take the assessment in any of the following years. The page about resits explains this in more detail.

In that case, you might want to refresh your knowledge before attempting that exam.  However, the official rule is that you may NOT attend tutorial group meetings if you fulfilled the attendance requirement.With this 'repeat education option', we offer you a way to again attend tutorial meetings so that you can prepare yourself better for the exam. 

Note that you are expected to attend all meetings. If you miss more than two meetings, the tutor can refuse access to the remaining meetings.  

How to register

To reattend, you need to do two things, both before the end of the course booking window:
  • Register yourself for the first exam via the ‘takes exam only’ option in the Student Portal.
  • Sign up for the Repeat Education via the AskPsy contact form. Please mention the code and name of the module you would like to follow.  FPN Education Office will assign you to a group. You will see the meetings in the timetable.


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