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Room reservation

How you reserve a room, depends on the type of room you need.
In most cases, you use the room booking in the student portal to reserve FPN tutorial rooms.

Type of room Examples Where to book
Room for small group
(< 15 people)

PBL-rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor of UNS40.


'Book a room' in the student portal (launch page)  or
via this link


From 24 hrs up to 2 weeks in advance.
The Education Office receives your request for approval.


Other rooms

Type of room Examples Where to book
Computer room for a small group (4 to 10 people) 

'Private' (computer)rooms
K2.411, K2.415, K2.417, K2.417a , K2.479, K2.479a, K2.481, K2.483, K3.487


Contact Randwijk Library
FPN Laboratories MRI, VR-LAB Contact the representative.
Other rooms   Only staff can book.


Guidelines for FPN room booking

You can book up to two weeks in advance: the current week and the next week.

You will receive two emails: The fist is an automatic confirmation of the request. The second is a manual confirmation or manual cancelling of the booking. 

- Only reservations with a UM email account will be accepted.
- Only reservations with a regular timeslot (08.30-10.30, 11.00-13.00, 13.30-15.30, 16.00-18.00 hours) or within a timeslot will be accepted.
- Reservations for hours in the evening and days in the weekend will be cancelled.
- Only FPN tutorial rooms can be reserved. They are recognizable by their address: UNS40-Oost-P or OXF55.  ltered Rooms.
- Reservations booked for the next day between 08.30-18.00 hours cannot be guaranteed.
- Reservations which don’t comply with above mentioned rules will not be accepted and they will be cancelled.
- If two requests are send in for the same date, time and room they are handled in order of the incoming request. The second request receives a confirmation of another room (if available) or a cancelling.

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SSC: Manual Webroombooking (requires login) of 11 June 2013

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