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Route & Maps

Map of Randwijck

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Directions to UNS40/UNS50

By train: When you are at Maastricht central train station, there are 7 trains per hour to ‘Maastricht Randwyck’, they leave at 03, 13, 24, 33, 43, 49, and 54 minutes past every hour.

By car:
  • A2/E25 from the north: Exit Mecc, Randwyck, Academische ziekenhuis, Maastricht Zuid (exit no. 55)
  • A2/E25 from the south: Exit Grondsveld, Mecc, Academisch ziekenhuis. Follow ‘Academisch ziekenhuis”
  • Follow ‘Sorbonnelaan’ and park at the P.Debeyelaan.
Google: route planner to UNS 40 Postal code: 6229ER

By bus: lines 2, 5, 7 , 57 and 10.
  • Bus 2 to “De Heeg”, your stop is: "MUMC"
  • Bus 5 to “Eijsden”, your stop is: "MUMC"
  • Bus 10 to “Station Randwijck” or "Gulpen", your stop is: "NS Randwijck"
  • Bus 57 to “Gulpen via Mheer”, your stop is: "MUMC".

On foot: Randwyck locations are a few minutes' walk from the Randwyck station, or 30 mins. from Maastricht Central.

Directions from UNS40/UNS50

. Live departure times busstop MUMC
 Live departure times busstop NS Randwijck
 Live departure times trains NS Randwijck


UM Exam Locations

Most exams take place at MECC Maastricht, but if MECC is not available other locations are used.
These exam locations are carefully selected for accessibility, climate control and sound proofing. All locations have toilet facilities and are accessible for wheelchairs.
The halls are divided into blocks, which are assigned to the different faculties. At FPN students are arranged alphabetically by last name. There are often multiple exams at the same time, so make sure that you go to the right block for your exam. In the exam hall itself you will find the hall arrangements, on large posterboards in the halls and just beyond the entrance.
UM Exam locations
NB: Club Pellikaan, the location for the resits in January, is not (yet) included in the exam locations document:
Club Pellikaan (Tennis courts at Dousberg)
Dousbergweg 4
6216 GC Maastricht

See also

FPN reaction on compaints regarding Club Pellikaan exam location  (FPN Newsletter, jan 2018)

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