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More advice & coaching options

Apart from the Academic Advisers, Maastricht University has a number of other services for students who need counceling or guidance. Most of these are housed in the Student Services Centre. The FPN  Academic Advisers will refer you to these people if necessary, but you can also go to them directly.

  • UM Career Services
  • Confidential Advisor 
  • Service Desk Disability
    If you have a disability, impairment or chronic disease you might be eligible for specific study and exam facilities. The Service Desk Disability of the Student Services Centre offers support and information to students and staff. The FPN Academic Advisers can help you with specific study arrangements you might need. For example, you might be entitled to take your exams with alternative arrangements.
  • Professional athletes
    The UM offers support to enable athletes to excel in both their sports and their studies. The Academic Advisers of FPN can help you combine the FPN curriculum and your training schedule. The Student Services Centre offers financial support and training facilities. To find out whether you are eligible for professional athletes' support, consult the Student Services Centre > Top-level Sports.


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