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Welcome @FPN sessions

In a few weeks time, your new study at FPN starts. In our "welcome @FPN"-sessions last year, we explained how things work at FPN. We addressed the things that you must know, but also things that make life just a bit more fun at UM.
Re-watch the sessions to hear it all.


2023 - 2024 
Episode 1: The first year demistyfied.
 Plus: course booking, e-mail and timetable



Watch the full episode

01-08-2023, 45 minutes.

Good to remember:

You get the final timetable and exam schedule
two weeks before the start of the period.

Course booking
Period 1 has already been booked for new students.

• These students do not have to book: Exchange,  Pre-masters, Master Mental Health and Intl. Joint Master WOP.

Course booking includes the exam right after the course.

You follow a programme, so you book all courses of the programme. Not just a random selection. :-)

• Book all your courses at once. 17 September is the deadline for period 2.

  Watch 'what to book' and 'how to book'.

Where to go with questions?
Education Office: content of study, course booking
Student Services Centre: enrollment, paying
ICT Service Centre: technical questions



The First Year, what to expect (6 mins)

Meet Your Faculty

Get Connected: course booking, timetable, email

Manuals (email and more)
Slack: see newsletter

Questions? We've got answers

Make Maastricht Yours




2023 - 2024
Episode 2: Getting Connected: our tips and tricks
Sneak peak at the introduction week



Watch the full episode

17-08-2023, 45 minutes.




Session 3: preparing for exams & the fine print of your study

45 minutes.

Session 4: looking back and ahead. Plus: are you okay?

45 minutes.
Live stream:
    Beginning of period 2. Will be announced.





The Academic Year

Links in this video:
Academic Calendar
Course catalogue

What to book

Links in this video:
Student Portal  |  Booking periods  | Forgot to book  |  Academic Calendar

How to book

Links in this video:
 Student Portal  |  Booking periods  | Forgot to book  |  Academic Calendar


Exams and Grades

Links in this video:
Exam schedules  |  Exam inspection

The Fine Print

Links in this video:
Rules and regulations

The Student Portal

Links in this video:

Research Participation Obligation
(only Bachelor)


Your personal university information

Student portal: studentportal.maastrichtuniversity.nl
Manage your UM-account: myaccount.maastrichtuniversity.nl
Set up your email: Student Portal -> Webmail
Webmail: mail.maastrichtuniversity.nl
Your timetable + sync  options: timetable.maastrichtuniversity.nl


Faculty Information

FPN Education Office: +31 43 38 84030
UM first aid: +31 43-38 755 66
UM student emergencies: +31 43 38 84444
Store these numbers in your phone.
See askpsy.nl/emergencie
Student Services Centre: https://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/about-um/service-centres/student-services-centre
FPN Study Association:  Placebo. No known website.
Dutch Psychology Students' association: https://www.facebook.com/SPSNIPStedelijkBestuurMaastricht/


File Storage

Mailbox: max. 2 Gb
UM-drive: max. 2 Gb.
Attachments: max. 25 Mb.

Web based file access: umdrive.maastrichtuniversity.nl
Send large files: filesender.surf.nl


ICT Facilities

Your student desktop anywhere: maastrichtuniversity.nl/anywhere
Print online or via PC/Mac: myprint.maastrichtuniversity.nl
Free or cheap software:  https://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/support/ict-services/software-personal-use
'How-to' guides for ICT services (mail etc):  https://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/handleidingen

Dictionary:Online dictionary Van Dale
UM zoom account: sign up usging UM-email and different password zoom.us

More questions?
Contact us via AskPsy.nl/contact.

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