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Luna-tik is the faculty association for all FPN students. Their aim is to bring psychology students together by organizing a range of activities such as workshops, lectures, parties, city-trips and excursions. Luna-tik also helps you with your academic and professional needs, collaborating with organizations that offer internships, workshops and cheap study books.

You can become a member at any time.  And you can choose which activities to join and whether or not you would like to be active in one of the committees.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact them.

Membership of Luna-tik: one time fee of 35 euro for Bachelor students, 10 euro for Master students.

Room: Uns40 A1.765
Phone number: 043-3882473
Mail: lunatik maastrichtuniversity.nl
Url: www.luna-tik.nl

Luna-tik board 2019-2020 


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SPS NIP is the student section of the Dutch national professional association for psychologists. Throughout the year, several activities are organised by the national and regional boards.

Membership of SPS NIP is 25 euros per year. More on membership >>

SPS NIP regional board 2019-2020 

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Room: UNS40 A1.763
Email: stedelijkbestuurmaastricht spsnip.nl 
Url: www.psynip.nl 


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