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Post Covid-19  information

Internships after 31 August 2022:
•    No special exchange- and internship policy anymore. 
      Updated policy will be posted on the UM website Guidelines for study trips to risk areas - Maastricht University.
•    No internships in orange or red coded destinations.  See "Nederland Wereldwijd" (Dutch) for current color codes and additional travel advice.
•    The 'backup plan' form remains part of the internship application.  In cooperation with your supervisors, you formulate possible alternative scenarios. See the form  for a detailed explanation and 'backup' suggestions.
•    Take note of the UM policy on internships abroad. See UM website 'Outgoing student mobility' for details.

Internships before 31 August 2022:
•    Within Europe: UM students are allowed to participate in internships within the EU, Erasmus+ Programme Countries and Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Switzerland, UK and the Vatican City State, if the Dutch government has assigned the destination a color code green, yellow or orange travel advice.
•    Outside of Europe: UM students are allowed to participate in an internship programme outside of Europe, provided that the destination is included in the (regularly updated) EU Safe List.
•    Students are only allowed to travel to a code orange destination within Europe or a country in the EU Safe List if a substantial part of the internship will take place partly or physically at a location to be designated by the Internship Organisation. 
•    Internships in regions with a color code red are never allowed.
•    If your intended host country is not/no longer on the EU safe list, please notify the FPN International Relations Office through AskPsy. Exemptions for essential study components may exceptionally be granted by the Faculty Board on a case-by-basis if no alternatives are available
•    Take note of the UM policy on internships abroad. See UM website 'Outgoing student mobility' for details.


Can I extend my research internship?

Extending your internship is always possible, but we do not advise it as you will have to re-register (extra tuition fees). If your internship extends, please contact
The measures outlined above provide you with the opportunity to finish your research internship in academic year 2021-2022.


I cannot finish my clinical internship, but I need these hours in order to continue my education after the Master. Can I finish somehow?

Contact the clinical internship coordinator for options. 


Can I extend my clinical internship?

Extending your internship is always possible, but we do not advise it as you will have to re-register (extra tuition fees). 

I want to obtain the BAPD certificate, but I am uncertain if I can meet the requirements due to corona measures.

This issue will be addressed on a national level. Any updates will be announced and posted here.



There is still uncertainty in labs across the world, many will not receive guest students in Spring 2021/Fall 2021. Advice is to talk to your home supervisor for possibilities.
All Master's students doing their research and/or clinical internship as of January 2021 (either in the Netherlands or abroad), are asked to make an academic backup plan in consultation with your supervisors.

Contact your first supervisor if you experience problems with your internship.


Information meetings 2021-2022

Ask your coordinator to record information sessions, so we can post them.

Information meetings 2022-2023 

Specialisations: Ask your coordinator about it. Ask him/her to record the meeting.

1Y Master

19-09-2022: information session internship Watch >>
End november 2022: internship update session

Research and Forensic Masters

Begin January 2023: general information session internship,
followed by meetings for the specialisations.
Mid June 2023: Q and A session about internships abroad

Master Mental Health
Begin February 2023: information session about MMH, including internship
Begin March 2023: Q and A session about the internship

Information meetings 2021-2022 

Specialisations: Ask your coordinator to record the meeting.

1Y Master

29-11-2021: Internship update        Watch >>
24-09-2021: General meeting 24-09-2021   Watch >>

Research and Forensic Masters

RM Meeting 18-01-2022 (about internship in 2022-2023)  Watch >>

Master Mental Health
Meeting 02-02-2022 (about internship Sept. 2022) Watch >>



Research internship in short

 The Research Internship is a mandatory of all FPN Master programmes. It starts with the planning of a research project, resulting in a research proposal.  During the actual internship, you will be conducting the research project and analyzing your findings. Your master’s thesis describes the research that you conducted. Read more >>
1Y MasterPeriod 4 - 628 weeks 
Research MasterSecond year, period 2 - 6 32 weeks 
Forensic MasterSecond year, period 1 - 6   
Master Mental HealthPeriod 4-617 weeks 

Clinical internship in short

 The Clinical Internship is meant to provide an introduction to the organization and practice of mental health care, as well as basic experience in clinical diagnosis and therapeutic interventions.  In the Research Master programme, you also conduct a small-scale research project.   Read more >>
Optional for 1Y Master Neuropsychology   Period 4 - 6Min. 13 weeks
(520 hours)
Optional for Research Master
Neuropsychology  and Psychopathology
Second year, period 2 - 6 

Min. 13 weeks
(520 hours)

Mandatory for Forensic Master
Second year, period 1 - 6 Min. 13 weeks
(520 hours)
Optional for Master Mental HealthNo specific periodMin. 13 weeks
(520 hours)
For the other master tracks (health and social psychology, developmental psychology, and psychology and law), it is possible to do a clinical internship after you graduated.




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