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Extra study spaces during exam week

Several FPN and FHML tutorial group rooms ('onderwijsgroepskamers') will be available as 'quiet study rooms' during the exam weeks . You can recognize them by the orange signage.  Other tutorial group rooms can still be reserved via UM Room booking.

The University Library has a quick overview of study places  and  detailed info on study places.


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Overview Period 1  2019-2020:

Mon. 21 Oct. 2019 entire day:
MSM047 ,MSM130 ,MSM025 ,MSM027 ,MSM030 ,UNS404.778 ,A5.777A ,A4.770 ,A5.749A ,A5.753A

Mon.until 13:30
A0.778 ,C0.532 ,C0.537 ,C0.547 ,C0.549 , ,A0.771a ,A0.775a ,C0.532a

Mon. after 13:30
C0.531 , C0.540 , C0.541

Tue. 22 Oct. 2019
A0.774 ,A0.775a ,A0.778 ,C0.531 ,C0.532 ,C0.532a ,C0.535 ,C0.537 ,C0.540 ,C0.541 ,
MSM047 ,MSM130 ,MSM048 ,MSM032 ,MSM025 ,MSM027 ,MSM030 ,UNS404.772 ,A2.770 ,A3.772

Tue. after 13:30
A0.732 ,A0.736 ,A0.737a ,A0.738 ,A0.742 ,A0.744 ,A0.750 ,A0.754 ,
A0.756 ,A0.760 ,A0.762 ,A0.766 ,A0.768 ,A0.771a ,A0.772 ,C0.536 ,C0.543

Wed. 23 Oct. 2019
A0.738 ,A0.742 ,A0.744 ,A0.748 ,A0.750 ,A0.754 ,A0.756 ,A0.760 ,A0.762 ,A0.766 ,A0.768 ,
A0.771a ,A0.772 ,A0.774 ,A0.775a ,A0.778 ,C0.531 ,C0.532 ,C0.532a ,C0.535 ,C0.536 ,
C0.537 ,C0.540 ,C0.541 ,C0.543 ,C0.547 ,C0.549 ,
MSM130 ,MSM048 ,MSM032 ,MSM025 ,MSM027 ,MSM030 ,A5.770 ,A4.770 ,A2.770 ,A2.774

Thu. 24 Oct. 2019
A0.736 ,A0.737a ,A0.738 ,A0.742 ,A0.744 ,A0.748 ,A0.750 ,A0.754 ,A0.756 ,
A0.760 ,A0.762 ,A0.766 ,A0.768 ,A0.771a ,A0.772 ,A0.774 ,A0.778 ,C0.532a ,
C0.540 ,C0.541 ,C0.543 ,C0.547 ,C0.549 , ,MSM047 ,MSM130 ,
MSM048 ,MSM032 ,MSM025 ,MSM027 ,MSM030 ,A4.770 ,A2.770 ,A2.774

Fri. 25 Oct. 2019
A0.732 ,A0.736 ,A0.737a ,A0.774 ,A0.775a ,A0.778 ,C0.531 ,C0.532a ,
C0.535 ,C0.536 ,C0.537 ,C0.540 ,C0.541 ,MSM048 , MSM032 ,
MSM025 , MSM027 , MSM030 , A4.770 , A2.770 , A3.772 , A2.774 , A3.766

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