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Extra electives

In addition to the 24 ECTS for electives, you may have the opportunity to take extra electives at FPN, at other UM faculties, at other Dutch universities, or at an FPN partner university abroad. 

The extra electives will be noted as "extracurricular courses" on your FPN grade transcript. 
Additional electives can enhance your academic journey, but it is vital they match your programme goals and fulfill specific criteria:

 Conditions for extra electives

Extra electives at FPN

 • You are allowed a maximum of three extra FPN electives on top of your regular electives;
 • Extra elective availability depends on whether there is enough space for students in their 3rd and 4th year;
 • Please follow the the standard application steps "Electives at FPN". 


Extra electives at other UM faculties or Dutch universities

• You are in the 3rd or 4th year of the bachelor programme;
• The elective should be at the level of 2nd year bachelor or higher;
• The content should not overlap, or only overlap minimally with mandatory courses of the FPN bachelor programme;
• The content should be related to the objectives of the FPN bachelor programme;
• The regular application procedure applies "Electives and minors at another UM faculty";
• The regular application procedure applies "Electives at another Dutch university".

Please note: if you would like to take a course at another UM faculty, you are only admissible if you are officially enrolled in the regular programme or if you need to complete just one more course to graduate in your current programme. 

    Extra electives at FPN partner universities abroad

    • Students selected for electives abroad can take extra electives if permitted by their host university;
    • (Extra) electives at an FPN partner university abroad are restricted to the elective period  (year 3: period 1, 2, 3).
    • The regular application procedure applies. See "Electives abroad" for more information.

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