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Weighted grade (70/30) calculation

In 2017, several students asked if it would be possible to have 'weighted grades', where the final exam is not the only factor that determines the final grade. In cooperation with the Faculty Council, the Faculty Board created the 70/30-calculation. The result of the exam counts for 70 percent, the result of the practical count for 30 percent.

A few courses use this method to calculate a final grade. The course coordinator will inform you if that is the case.


How we determine the Weighted Grade

If both grades are sufficient (5,5 or more), it is easy: the Final Grade is the calculated Weighted Grade. But if one of the grades is insufficient (5,4 or less), the Final Grade can differ from the calculated Weighted Grade.

If the Exam Grade and the Practical Grade are both 5,5 or more: (B04)

► Calculate the Weighted Grade (C01)
(Exam Grade * 70) +
(Practical Grade * 30) / 100

► The Final Grade is the Weighted Grade, rounded off to 0,5. (C03).

If one of the grades is less than 5,5: (B04)

With one of the two grades being 'insufficient', the Final Grade will always be a 5,0 or less.

► Calculate the Weighted Grade (C01)

► Determine if the Weighted Grade is also the Final Grade:

• Is the Weighted Grade more than 5,0? Then the Final Grade will be a 5,0. (C04)

• Is the Weighted Grade less than 5,0? The Final Grade is the Weighted Grade, rounded off to the closest 0,5 increment. (C04)

Questions or feedback?

Feel free to contact us if you have questions of feedback about the 70/30 grading method

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